Heath insurance is becoming more and more important. As medical costs continue to rise, and as changes to selective and mandatory insurance plans come to light, finding the right major medical coverage at a price you can afford can be challenging.

Many employers are dropping or changing the way they offer health insurance, or maybe you are self-employed. Let us help you navigate through HMOs, PPOs, Health Savings Plans and state coverage. We represent many of the top health insurance companies in the country, and we have the experience and the contacts to get you the best plan and rate for you and your family.

So many factors affect the kind of health insurance you are eligible for and how much you will pay for it. The James Bostick Agency can help you learn about:

  • Annual out of pocket expense limits
  • Deductibles and how they affect your premiums
  • Coinsurance and co-pays
  • How large provider networks operate
  • Prescription drug plans
  • Hospitalization-only
  • Dental and vision care

Health insurance plans come in too many shapes and sizes to count. Don’t shop alone – let us guide through the questions, options and coverage that works for you.